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Making Workforce Management Work For You.


Correctly staffing a customer service center is one of the biggest challenges an organization can face.  Over-staffing wastes money while under-staffing affects customers, agents and ultimately the bottom line ($$$).  PPG consults on the strategy and implementation of workforce management solutions for all sized customer service centers.


Whether you have WFM in place and are not getting the results you expected, or are considering how to effectively implement WFM, PPG can help!


Key questions you may have that we can answer:

  • How can I efficiently meet customer needs?

  • How effective is my WFM process really?

  • Do I have the right amount of staff?

  • How well does my WFM team work within the center?

  • Do I have the right tools?



Our Approach:

  • Detailed analysis of center performance

  • Combines best practices with practical solutions

  • Focuses on ROI to prove the value of change

  • Holistic approach includes strategy, process and employee feedback

  • Powerful deliverables focus on how to get to your goal

Clarify, Prioritize & Improve

Whether your center is growing or looking for ways to save, PPG can help identify opportunities and improve your center's performance.  


We know how your center can best use planning to meet the needs of your customers, employees and business.

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