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Duane Hinds
Manager, Market Performance at Allstate Canada

I have worked with Dan in 2 capacities now. 

First with a company Dan helped to create a WFM team and WFM processes. I was hired to manage the team he created. Needless to say, the team was in great shape when I took it over and there were plenty of excellent processes in place. In addition, he stuck around long enough to ease my transition. I already held myself in decent regard from a WFM perspective, but here was someone who I could really look up to. 

The second time I worked with Dan was with his company Proactive Planning Group as a sub contractor. We provided recommendations to help improve practices and results. Here Dan helped me improve my skills in gap analysis and problem solving. 

In summary, Dan excels as both a mentor and a skilled WFM consultant. 

Thanks Dan!!

Client Testimonials

Richard Natoli
Vice President, Portfolio Management & External Training at Vitalyst

Dan has a reputation for being one of the top minds in workforce management and forecasting. Based on his reputation I had extremely high expectations before I ever spoke to him. It only took about 10 minutes of working with him to realize he was going to exceed my expectations in every possible way. He asked all the right questions, clearly outlined my options, provided an in-depth analysis of my current models, and ultimately provided me with the information I needed. Dan very quickly established himself as the #1 recommendation I can provide to anyone seeking expert assistance with WFM and forecasting.

Jason Oliver
Process and Performance Improvement, Contact Center Analytics

Dan truly understands the challenges of Call Center Operations and Workforce Management and clearly communicates the vision of Best in Class and how to achieve it.


Paul Simino
Founder & CEO at Financial Education Services, Inc.

Dan was a consummate professional that provided results! He was as advertised, which in the consulting business is not always the case. Dan's inquisitive nature allowed him to ask penetrating questions about our business model.  As a result, he was successful in providing REAL WORKING solutions to help us improve efficiency, accuracy and production by providing us with measurement tools and logic. He was also a good humored gentleman and even re-arranged his business hours to fit our late nate operating hours. Amazing!

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