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Our Philosophy

At PPG, we focus on making workforce management work for your company.  Our client engagements are guided by our operating principles of service, success and strong relationships.  In order to meet these goals we approach every engagement with our core values in mind.  

Customer Centric


The customer is our primary focus.  Great contact centers believe that they are there for the customer.  And great consultants should support that mission. All of our solutions are geared towards improving customer service.  

As a completely independent organization with no ties to vendors, our recommendations are based on what is best for our clients, not for sponsors.  


Understanding the cost and benefits of change is a critical factor in the success of a contact center.  Our strong focus on return on investment and analytics quantifies the benefits of our recommendations on every engagement.  







We have been in your shoes!  Our consultants bring a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience to each client.  This ensures that solutions are based on real world, practical methods combined with the latest research and analytics.  


Contact centers are complex!  We believe that every solution must take into account the needs of customers and employees. Not just the business.  We strive to include all aspects of the center in our evaluations to ensure that our recommendations work for everyone.

Holistic Focus


Our no-nonsense approach provides a clear honest evaluation of your center so you will know your issues and the best steps to take to resolve them.  



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