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PPG Customer Service Center Solutions

Call Center and Contact Center WFM Consulting

Solutions & Strategies for Call Centers/ Contact Centers


We Offer Services to Meet Your Specific Needs & Budget


From Comprehensive Consulting Engagements to Contract Workforce Managment 

Optimization, we help make your Customer Service Center a world class organization. 


Our focus on knowledge transfer ensures that you not only get the information you need, but develop the skills to make it happen. And we apply our philosophy to maximize results for your comprehensive business needs. 

Meet Dan Rickwalder, Principal Consultant.

  • WFMer for 20 years

  • Loves numbers and spreadsheets

  • Enjoys both short and longterm clients (keeps him young)

  • Operates on Twitter as the unabashed WFMguru

  • Blogs regularly (except for summertime)

  • Expert pumpkin chucker

  • Avid watch collector

  • Meme fan

WFM, WFMer, Workforce Management, Customer Service, Consulting, Workforce Management Consulting
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